Another day of morning pages. It’s a pretty cool feeling to have something scheduled at the start of your morning. I’m doing laundry and making something to eat, but it’s close enough to my start. Not sure why, but this is the second occurrence of waking up at 6a. I sleep with the curtains open so that when the sun rises it will fill my studio. When I woke up it was still dark. I woke up again around 10a, went back to sleep. Finally woke up a little bit before 1130a and decided to stay awake. Yesterday wasn’t so bad, I only had eight hours of sleep. I felt a little tired but I was alright. I didn’t feel groggy.

I’m a bit out and in this morning as far as my attention goes. A ‘friend’ needs a favor but I can’t help her. I’m helping her find someone who can help her. I don’t know why I’m helping her, I’m not obligated to. Also I’m doing laundry. Today is one of the few days I actually have off. Toaster oven toasted bread is probably my favorite type of toast. It is thoroughly toasted. I wish I had a bigger area for my computer area, but I suppose it’s better this way.

This is turning out to be a really good breakfast. I have two slices of toast: one with jam and the other with a bit of hazelnut butter and jam (strawberry jam). I’m having my toast with a dark roast coffee that has a bit of vanilla syrup and soy milk in it. Good pairing.

I just reserved a car for December. My partner is flying out to visit. I have already made arrangements at my part time job for vacation. My partner isn’t of the departure date though. Hopefully it will be figured out well before so I can adjust the car rental.

I’ve been talking to my best friend more often these days. We have been best friends for over 10 years. We have never met in person. I want to meet him. Maybe after I graduate I will go and visit him in London.

I’m not a fan of the hazelnut butter.

I’ve been watching this show called The Tudors. I’m hooked on Reign but there hasn’t been an update for awhile. I really want to start reading history because of these historical fiction drama type shows. I don’t know how to start. I remember when I was studying U.S. History in high school it was a drag. I remember I was so bored during the class that I would skip around the book just to look at the pictures. I never took a government class. I kind of wish I did, especially with what’s going on right now. I received a letter from a senator. It was one of those mass sent letters letting citizens know that the senators are there to serve them. Lucky guess, but I bet it’s to quell all the protests.

I bought a $60 clock. It charges my phone, has a usb plug, can play music from my phone, has an FM radio, dimmable LCD screen, and is an alarm. It’s pretty neat. I keep it near my computer. I would love to have it near my bed, but my pet chinchilla will more than likely chew the cord.

I love the idea of writing, but I could never be satisfied with the pen or the notebook I would carry.


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